“Love, Couple, Package, Unity” is a keyword in my expression.I would like to eventually package the entire planet if possible.The title of this time, “Washing Machine”. Since 2020, COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, so I spend more time at home and more often spin drum-type washing machine. While looking through the window of the washing tub, I could see that everything inside was mixed and integrated.The inside of the drum was like a microcosm.

I tried to embed “people, things” in close contact with the microcosm. Believing that a message that would lead to a new world would be born, I thought it was an important act to consciously suppress and adhere to it and wrap it in a drum-type washing machine. The texture and temperature of “people and things” can be recognized again by the inclusion. Then, the degree of understanding of “people, things” deepens and the link begins, and the link transcends culture from one person to two people and then to three people, transcends national borders, transcends religion, and spreads globally. The journey from the microcosm to the cosmos may have begun. 

私はその小宇宙の中に「人、もの」を密着させ埋め込むことを試みた。 新たな世界へ繋がるメッセージが生まれてくることを信じ、意識して抑圧し密着させ、ドラム式洗濯機の中で包む込むことは包容であり、大切な行為だと思ったからだ。包容によって「人、もの」の質感、温度を改めて認識できる。 そして「人、もの」互いへの理解度が深まりリンクが始まり、そのリンクは一人から二人へと更には三人へと文化を超え、国境を超え、宗教までも超越し地球規模に広がりを見せると信じている。