The birth of Seitaro was probably one of the reasons for the significant change in mywork. My work had been based on the theme of “couples: two people who love one another”. The shift was one from “loving one another” to “love,” a “love” itself that envelops and embraces everything. The only certain thing is that the vector has begun to shift from the inside to the outside.

Our son, Seitaro was born in January 2022. Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, I could not be present at the birth and felt frustrated and helpless. Yoko’s image changed as she conceived the baby and as time passed. A new life was born. Now I was a father, and childbirth was nothing but a mystery for me. A few days after the birth at the hospital, I could finally see my wife and my son through the glass window. Their appearance was divine. To give form to my feelings at that time, I wrapped the landscapes of Okinawa and Tokyo with light images of the mother and the baby. For me, the set of images was one of the births of a new Virgin Mary who brings together the human being and all things in the universe. It was also the beginning of our family of three. < Ayarl means mother in the Okinawan language.

「愛し合う2 ⼈」カップルをテーマに制作活動をしてきた私に⼤きな変化を及ぼしたのは、晴太郎が⽣まれて来たことが⼀つの理由かも知れない。「愛し合う」から「愛」への変化であり、全てを包み込み包容する「愛」である。
(Ayarl-アヤーシリーズ: Ayarlとは沖縄ことばで⺟の意味 )